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Friday, July 17, 2009

Feldenkrais Friday

For almost two months now, I have been driving past this adorable yoga studio in Inman Square called Art & Soul...trust me, the picture doesn't do it justice.

I finally checked out their website and discovered that one of the many classes offered there is in the Feldenkrais Method. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Fledenkrais is a method of movement and body-awareness that is supposed to be very good for musicians including classical singers! Clearly I had to check it out.

I had no idea what to expect, as I had only heard of the method and never experienced it. The entire class was spent on the floor completing tiny, intricate movements, and mostly just becoming aware of our bodies. The instructor would give us reminders like, "Notice your breathing." and "How do your shoulders move when you..."

The hour flew by! The class actually ended up running overtime. At the end, we were asked to get up and walk around the room, and to say a few words about how we felt. I felt so incredibly relaxed! The class really shut off my constant mind chatter, and made my body settle down. I think it would be very interesting to see how a voice lesson would go immediately after a Feldenkrais class because when we were finished, I felt as though I could have had the best lesson ever! I guess that's why its so respected among the classical singing community.

I will definitely be a frequent visitor in the Feldenkrais class as well as other classes at Art and Soul. At only $15 a drop-in, it was COMPLETELY worth it! I recommend this class for singers at any level. It would also be beneficial for tense humans who can't shut their brains off...lucky for me, I just happen to be both :)


Do you see why?

The Incredible, Edible Grapefuit...?

"Eating half a grapefruit ( or drunk 8 ounces of grapefuit juice) may block enzymes involved in fat and carbohydrate storage, and speed up the way our bodies burn fat, resulting in weight loss." womenfitness,net

Who has two thumbs and is going to be consuming a lot more graprefruit? THIS GUY!

As a tourist...

So...it's been a while...

Things you may or may not know:

1. I have transferred my lovely job as a Starbucks Barista to the Church St. Store in Harvard Square starting September 1st! So you all had better visit me or I'll find you...you don't want me to find you...

2. I'm moving to Allston as of mid-August, just across the river from Harvard Square!

So since I'm going to be farther away now and won't get to see all of my lovelies as often, there will be more frequent blogging in the future...get excited. I want to keep you guys updated on my life in the city...not that it's going to be that exciting or anything...but ya know :) <3

Recently, I have been exploring Boston as a tourist. As you know, I spend A LOT of time in the city, but I had never experienced any of the tourist attractions until two weeks ago... now I've experienced 3...in two weeks...anyone want to donate a fanny pack to the cause??


I'm sure y'all have seen these brightly colored, painfully awkward vehicles driving/boating/quacking around the city at least once while visiting Boston. I had my first experience on July 5th with my friend Lexi and a WHOLE lotta tourists...although these ones were courteous and well behaved...I'll explain soon...

All in all, I found the experience informative and enjoyable! I learned a lot about the city that I didn't know before, and feel I should know as a new "Bostonian". The price wasn't too bad at about $40 (?), and the 90 minute tour was definitely worth the money. I feel like every Mass resident should try it once so you can at least give an honest opinion of it. I, personally, am a fan (especially since I got to ride on "Old Gloria" and the ceiling was signed by all the Red Sox!!!)


This is one of the lesser known tours in Boston, but it was by far my favorite. My friend Brianne and I kind of stumbled upon it by accident when we were trying to find something to do near Faneuil Hall. Me, being the paranormal enthusiast that I am, had to try it out!

We were greeted by ghoulish actors in creepy makeup and costumes who sold us tickets and called me "cheeky"... I have no idea where they got that :) All of the actors spoke with incredibly decent British accents and never broke character (even when the 8...yes 8 200lb, incredibly loud, vulgar, OBNOXIOUS, New Orleans woman were incredibly loud, vulgar, and obnoxious...including an admission that one hadn't had sex in 9 yrs and another that she was seeing a married man. I swear, these people follow me.)

Anyway, the tour was also about $40 a person, which on this particular day was a bit steep, but it was TOTALLY worth it. The 90 minute tour included a stop at the Boston Common, which I learned is the largest burial ground in the city, as well as a private tour of the famous graveyard where Paul Revere is buried...it was awesome.

I'm pretty sure this one was flirting with me...


My most recent excursion was to the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Gardens with my mom, aunt Jane, and 4yr old cousin Erin...it was pretty adorable. This attraction was the most reasonably priced at under $3. This $3 got you the same quick 10 minute spin around the pond as it did in the 1870's when it was founded...apparently by these guys...

Holy mustache, right? Here's what it looks like today...

So now that I've tackled tourism, I'm so ready to move! Maybe you'll even catch me peddling a Swan Boat one of these days...but only if my opera career fails...so lets hope this never EVER happens :)