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Monday, March 16, 2009


This is my first antique buy EVER, and I'm extremely happy with it! I got it at this great antique store in Townsend called Hobart's. Its humongous suitcase that looks like its probably from the 1920's (although I actually have no idea, so if any of you know anything about antique luggage, please correct me...)


I was thinking that once I get it to stop smelling like old people and musty basements I could use it for blanket storage in my future living room!
My favorite part of this suitcase is definitely the super old labels from traveling excursions. This thing has been to far more places than I have.

I love it SO much, and it only set me back like $40...TOTALLY worth it! Next time I go back to Hobart's, I'm getting this fabulous old bicycle ad print I found...I wish I were rich.

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